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Kangaroo Dukkah


  • A delicious combination of lean kangaroo meat, organic kelp, organic peppermint and catnip 
  • Suitable for all sensitivities
  • Naturally high in iron, for immune health
  • Great source of zinc, to boost growing pets’ energy, give them tougher paw pads, strengthen their coats and aid iron in reinforcing immune systems 
  • Catnip to for a subtle calming effect
  • Organic kelp to assist in the reduction of oral plaque
  • Organic peppermint to naturally freshen breath


Beautiful range of supplement powders to assist our fussy eaters, and add some additional nutritional value to your pet’s meals. Perfect addition to both meals and water, to assist with rehydration.
Available in four tempting flavours for both dogs and cats.

Each pot contains a resealable tie and reusable bamboo spoon.

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Sprinkle over wet food or lightly misted dry food.

Serving Suggestion Guide

Puppies/Cats/Small Breed Dogs: 1/4 tsp per serve
Medium Breed Dogs: 1/2 tsp per serve
Large Breed Dogs: 1 tsp per serve

Up to 100 serves per 100g package.

Pure Pet Puppucino
Step 1: Add 1-2 cups of water to a pet- safe bowl
Step 2: Using the serving suggestion guide above, add the recommended amount of dukkah to the water
Step 3: Stir and serve for the PAWFECT cooling or warming treat!


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100g, 30g