All of our treats have been certified with the ‘Paw of Approval’ from each of our carefully selected ambassadors. They have a keen sense of whether a treat is good enough to be a Pure Pet Product!

Enjoy trialling our range, with sample box size 15g packs to Maxi 220g treat bags available both online and in-store. Please remember that these are treats and must not be used as a meal replacement. Please serve responsibly!


Cosmo is a true family man. He enjoys spending his days with his beloved Grandma or Aunty, his weekends with his Grandpa, and his evenings with Mum.

Cosmo’s Calamari


Ted is a cool beach dude, tending towards all activities that involve relaxing with family and friends.

Ted’s Chicken Liver Tempters


Although he is close to his Dad, he has a very special relationship with his Mum as he goes to work with her everyday!

Oska's Kangaroo Krisps

Ruby Rose

Ruby is cheeky and stylish with a singing voice of an angel. She generously shares her time with each member of her family and to them she is heaven sent.

Ruby Rose's Chicken Chunks

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy is an outdoors boy with a very busy daily schedule, including school pick ups & drop offs, the park with friends & visiting his favourite frozen yoghurt shop.

Jimmy-Choo's Chewy Roo


Susie is an amazing gentle girl & wonderful babysitter to her baby sister. She loves daycare days with her peeps!

Susie's Snapper


Penny's playful and fun-loving nature is contagious! She loves walks with her mamma, potato sits, treat time and the occasional barrel-roll on walks!

Penny's Pilchards